• Samantha Day I.JPG
    Ralston School celebrates end of chemo for classmate Samantha Roberson
    Oct. 30, 2014
    MACHESNEY PARK – Ralston Elementary School students and staff organized a special "Samantha Day" celebration for fifth grader Samantha Roberson on Friday, Oct. 17 prior to her 40th and final chemotherapy treatment on the following Monday.
    **see the Journal for full story**

  • Total Loss Combine 7599.JPG
    Fire leads to total loss of combine during harvest
    Oct. 30, 2014
    BYRON - The possibility of combine fires is always in the back of farmers' minds during harvest. Unfortunately for Keith Willing, that became a reality Sunday, Oct. 26 as he finished up a soybean field north of Byron on Tower Road late that afternoon.***see the Tempo for full story***

  • Fall Fest II.JPG
    Costumes, candy featured at annual Fall Festival in Main Street Square
    Oct. 30, 2014
    ROSCOE – Halloween came early to Main Street Square in Roscoe this year. Fairies, princesses, Ninja Turtles and pirates made an appearance at Main Street Square for the annual Fall Family Festival, Saturday, Oct. 25.
     ***see the Herald for full story***

Oct. 30, 2014
Theresa Caputo book signing draws fans from near and far
By Doug Schroder
ROCKFORD – Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo brought her talking-to-dead-people skills to the area with a sold out performance at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford on Friday, Oct. 24. The following day, Oct. 25, she did a book signing at Barnes & Noble bookstore at Cherry Vale Mall. The book signing was not well publicized but fans still managed to come from near and far to attend this event. The line was not very long when Barnes & Noble opened its doors at 8 a.m. that morning, although fans continued to come prior to the scheduled book signing at 10 a.m. 
Theresa’s new book “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” is a follow up to her New York Times best seller “There’s More To Life Than This”, with her new book covering life changing lesson from Heaven. In addition to getting her autograph fans could also get a picture with the cable TV star.
While waiting for Theresa to show I went around and talked to some of those attending. It was during this time I came across Winnebagoan Lori Carlson, who was there with two friends who came down from near Madison, WI, to attend the event. Upon talking to others I found that some came from the Chicago suburbs, there was even a family that drove from six hours away in Indiana just to get a chance to meet the star. They weren’t the ones that came from the furthest distance though. A mother and daughter came all the way from Topeka, KS, leaving at 3 p.m. and driving 11 hours straight through, arriving in Rockford at 1 a.m. The two got a room at one of the local hotels and were then up and at the bookstore by 7 a.m.
A little before 10 a.m. Theresa’s people start to file in. While the store manager showed one of Theresa’s publicists around the store, explaining how the line would flow. It was at that time I spoke with the photographer, asking about the rules for others taking pictures. The photographer stated that it would be okay to take pictures as long as I stayed back out of the way. With that understanding I though everything would be fine as long as I kept out of the way.
Finally, Theresa showed up and started signing and getting her picture taken with fans. Theresa’s husband, Larry, also came with her. When I started taking pictures his back was turned towards me, but then I went outside the store to get some pictures through the window. When Larry spotted me doing this he wagged his finger at me and I could see him saying no. Oops! I promptly quit and went back inside to my spot in line. It took about an hour from then to get Theresa’s autograph and picture. In the meantime an impromptu line started with fans also wanting to get Larry’s autograph. Once I got Theresa’s autograph I went and got in the Larry line and just made it as staff cut off the line shortly thereafter.
When I got up to Larry the first thing he asked was what newspaper I was with. We talked briefly. He said he just didn’t want things to get to crazy with people taking pictures and then he posed for a picture with me.
Whether you believe in what Theresa Caputo does or not, she has got many fans who are quite loyal to her.